Melchior (

Saint Melchior, he is often identified as the oldest of the three wise men. Traditionally he is identified as the King of Persia and gave the gift of gold to Jesus.





Artists Bio 

True love is not just a really cool name, it’s a movement a lifestyle and a mindset. True Love is an unwavering, unbreakable fondness with unparalleled devotion, traditionally, to an individual. We as True Love have this emotion and mentality for our community, our culture with the message to always hold a positive mental attitude. We are breaking the boundaries between street art and fine art. Bringing alternative culture to the masses, we call it Posh Punk.


Lloyd is a Welsh artist and graduated with a BA degree in advertising and Llwyn-y-Bryn Art College with a BTEC ND in Graphic Design. His art is heavily influenced by the experiences from his travels across the globe. Lloyd gravitated towards the graffiti scene around Europe, the tattoo industry from street shops across the globe, skateboarding culture, counter culture and the shared positive community thriving from them all.


Domnique, also known as Dom is a South African artist who studied Art Direction in Cape Town. Dom is highly influenced from her travels across the world, where she perfected her fine art passion. As time went on Domnique developed an unexplainable urge to just create. Like most creatives, art, as well as music became a core part of her identity. Dom’s curiosity around psychology and culture has lead to exploration into ways to use the arts to improve wellbeing in others.


Fine Art prints - $408

Painted on Canvas - $ 680



Painted can take up to 3 weeks for artist to complete and may slightly differ from original design.