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Casa de Maquinas Supports Local Build-off

If you follow the custom-bike scene in the Middle East you would undoubtedly know of the Bikers Cafe Build-Off.

Introduced by Bikers Cafe – Dubai in 2015, it showcased 3 amazing creations come to life from builders like Moto, 86 CYCLES and Deus Arabia. This exciting event is now paving the way for other budding-builders to throw their creativity into the mix and see what they can produce.

A year later the 2nd Bikers Cafe Build-Off was held on October 27th 2016 and was very electrifying in many ways. Yes, once again three teams did battle including biking heavyweights Sebsports, internationally recognized custom-shop Lycan Customs and first ever seen amateurs Cafe Racers Middle East (CRME).

Sharing the same founder as Cafe Racers Middle East, we are extreemly proud of our community roots and as such this event has always had a place in our hearts.

The build-off has continued to grow and expand from its humble beginnings and each year we witness a fresh line-up of budding builders bringing throwing their skills into the ring.

We are happy to announce that this year we will not only be a Judge in the build-off but also a sponsor.

We wish all the contestants good luck and can not wait for the show on the 26th of October in Dubai.

See you guys there!

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